Webmin-HTB module

Hierarchy Token Bucket module for Webmin.
This module provides a GUI for the HTB.init script.


Webmin-htb is a webmin module aiming at making an easy interface to configure QoS (using Hierarchy Token Bucket queues) under Linux.
It is released under the GNU General Public Licence.

HTB queues are usually configured with the "ip" and "tc" commands which interact with the kernel. Webmin-HTB provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for them. You can see the traffic classes in a form of a tree, and assign detailled parameters to each classe (Troughput, IP address/port, priority...).

Installation instructions

Install the HTB.init script

The webmin-HTB modules depends on the HTB.init script. This script is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/htbinit/.
Download it and save it under /etc/init.d/ directory.

Install the DAG::Tree perl library

The module depends on the perl library Tree::DAG_Node. You should install it as root with the command
# cpan -i Tree::DAG_Node
(this has to be checked)

Install the webmin module itself

  1. Go to your webmin directory (usually /usr/share/webmin)
    # cd /usr/share/webmin
  2. Download the webmin-htb module :
    # wget http://sehier.fr/webmin-htb/webmin-htb.tar.gz
  3. Untar-gzip the archive :
    # tar -zxvf webmin-htb.tar.gz
    This creates a "htb" directory with all needed files in it.

Allow user access to the module HTB

In the Webmin users list of the Webmin Servers module, give the access to the user(s) of your choice to the module HTB.
The module Webmin-htb is installed in the "Network" section of webmin, and is called "Hierarchy Token Bucket queuing".

Documentation on HTB :

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